Pagan Bed Time Stories is a sporadic podcast, hosted by Lamyka of Lamyka's Wiccan Podcast & the Pagan Women's Podcast. Pagan Bed Time Stories was created with growing Pagan families in mind. It was also designed to be very interactive so every few months or so a new story-time activity book is published for everyone to enjoy!


Pagan Bed Time Stories: How Maui Slowed the Sun Activity Book is now available for purchase!
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Pagan Bed Time Stories

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Classics: The White Snake by The Brothers Grimm

Hau Ľoli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year!) For those who are new to my shows, never fret! I make it a point to take time off for the Makahiki. Only thing is this time period in Hawaiian culture is between 3 to 4 months starting from Sept/Oct and ending in Mar/Apr. This gives me a great opportunity to get lots of rest and brain storming done.

So welcome back to the stories and don't forget to head over the our Facebook Fanpage!

Lady Bless,


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Classics: The Gold Children by The Brothers Grimm

As promised, this is the first in a (probably) neverending list of stories that are considered among Classic Literature. Of course, any story that I read or any book that I go chapter by chapter must be in the Public Domain. Thankfully most classics are already in the Public Domain (like Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Brothers Grimm, Jules Verne, etc.) so this is a great opportunity to have these English Literature Classics showcased in a fun way to our Pagan kids.

For more advanced literature like Shakespeare or Jane Austen, after each chapter or act I will do a 'once over' on what the chapter was about. Hopefully more children and adults of all ages will participate!

Lady Bless,


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Chicken Skin Tales: Driving Along Hana Highway

Here's our first Chicken Skin Tale for October! Journey along the old Hana Highway with Uncle Lono as he tries to make his way to family and friends in Kahului, Maui. Also Parents stick around after the story to hear details about the annual fundraiser, which can be found here: . There are perks for everyone! Want your own Hawaiian ringtone? Or maybe your own story for your family? Or perhaps just to help out Lamyka maintain all the shows and off show programming she helps to provide. Mahalo to all my listeners either way!

Lady Bless,


Music Clips:

"Hiki Mai Ka La" & "Makaha Moon" by Keale

"Tokyo Lights" by Epic Soul Factory

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Hannibal, Enemy of Rome Pt.1

I know everyone's been waiting and I really think this was worth the wait. Part one of Hannibal, Enemy of Rome is now up! I have to say this one was difficult to write and produce so I'm especially pleased that it came out so well. I hope everyone enjoys it! Also a big big BIG MAHALO to Epic Soul Factory for their amazing soundtrack/orchestra music!

Lady Bless,


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Ku and the 'Ulu Tree Pt.2

This my Solstice present to everyone! I hope you all enjoy the conclusion to Ku and the 'Ulu Tree. As a reminder Pagan Bed Time Stories will be going monthly. This way I can better focus on presenting unique stories and hopefully add more printed books I author. If you haven't checked it out yet, my first Pagan children's book is now available on for $10. My Aloha to everyone for your support!

Lady Bless,



"Angel's Tear", "Sunset", & "Anxious Thoughts" by Celestial Aeon Project

"Solstice Evergreen" by Spiral Dance

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Ku and the 'Ulu Tree Pt.1

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and a safe Samhain/Halloween! I know I enjoyed my time off... well actually I worked more and I still need a break, but hey--that's what winter holiday is for! I hope everyone enjoys the first part of another Hawaiian tale. If you haven't already donated then please remember to go ahead and do that. Every little bit helps!

Lady Bless,



"Never" by Dadan

"Ho'i Kakou (the Name Song)" by The Cazimero Brothers

"Mele Pa'ihi Kupuna" by Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole

"Sleepy Song (It Might Be Me)" & "Nalu Blues" by Keale

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Chicken Skin Tales: 777

This is the final tale of the Chicken Skin Tales series. It is one that is dear to my heart. I hope everyone enjoys it! Next week we'll be back to the regular schedule of Pagan Bed Time Stories. Don't forget to donate; even $5 helps!

Lady Bless,


Music clips:

"Pule Ho'ola (Na 'Aumakua)" by Keale

"Relativity at the Juncture" by Big Island Conspiracy

"Ho'i Kakou (Name Song)" by The Brothers Cazinero

"Makaha Moon" by Keale

"Maui Hawaiian Suppa Man" by Israel Kamakawiwaole

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Chicken Skin Tales: Stealing

This chicken skin tale actually scared my pants off just recording it! I actually would recommend Pagan parents to listen to this first before sharing it with any children, regardless of the important lesson therein. If you got your pants scared off too, drop by the Facebook fan page and tell me so! As always, don't forget to donate--even $5 helps.

Lady Bless,




Ben Wunder

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Chicken Skin Tales: Pork on the Pali

In honor of the season, I'm suspending Pagan Bed Time Stories to bring you spooky Chicken Skin Tales for the month of October! Each week will be a new scary story that's told in one complete episode. I hope everyone enjoys the stories, and remember that if you like the show please donate on Remember even $5 helps!

Lady Bless,


Music clips used:

"Lollipop Candy BAD Girl" Tommy heavely6 version (video!)

"Take me home, country road" by Israel Kamakawiwaole

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Aloha! This is a special and very important announcement. Lamyka needs your help. In the 6 years I have been a podcaster, I have worked hard to bring the Pagan Community such things as, Lamyka’s Wiccan Podcast, the Pagan Women’s Podcast, Pagan Bed Time Stories, the Proud Pagan Podcasters (the only Pagan podcasting organization in existence), as well as authored Pagan children’s books.

While we have all been hit by hard economic times, I need your help to keep all that I’ve worked hard for alive. If you enjoy my show, love my bed time stories, or support the organizations I run, please go to or and donate. I have placed a PayPal donate button on both of these sites. My Goal is to raise at least $500. With this money I will be able to keep all my podcasts online as well as begin a special charity effort through the Proud Pagan Podcasters.

In appreciation of all of my supporters I will be giving a free copy of my book Pagan Bed Time Stories: How Maui Slowed the Sun to everyone who donates $5 or more. For those who donate $10 or more you will receive a free copy of my book as well as a handwritten thank you note (please insert your address into the ‘Purpose’ bar on the paypal donate page).

Mahalo Nui Loa to you all! I hope this is not an end but instead a beginning with an even brighter future. Lady Bless & Blessed Be.

Lady Bless,




Löhstana David

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